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Unicorn in Captivity: Science Helping Art


Published 2006

David Chudnovsky, director, IMAS; Gregory Chudnovsky, director, IMAS

To create an exact visual reproduction of one of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Unicorn Tapestries, digital cameras photographed every inch. When the hundreds of digital photographic files didn't fit smoothly together, the Chudnovsky brothers, co-directors of the Institute for Mathematics and Advanced Supercomputing, were brought in to solve the mystery.

Art and science have continually flirted over the centuries. Both investigate. Both involve theories and transforming information into something else. This lecture is a part of a Museum of Science series "When Science Meets Art", which examines the mysterious symbiosis of science with art through the ingenuity of those shattering the boundaries between the two fields.

PBS | NPR Forum Network program with Museum of Science, Boston

2006 Jan 18

Producer WGBH
Production Company WGBH Forum Network
Audio/Visual sound, color


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